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Bramley in The Guardian

November 25, 2013 | Posted By: | Home |

We are really excited that Bramley has been recommended in The Guardian Travel section:

“For stylish seaside self-catering, check out Bramley – a sleek, 1970s architect-designed bungalow in Old Hunstanton.”

It’s a great article by Joanne O’Connor called Escape to Norfolk. You can read it here:

The Guardian: Escape to Norfolk



May 14, 2012 | Posted By:  | The House | Edit This

We couldn’t put it better than Midcentury Magazine who said,

“We’ve just spent a fantastic weekend staying in a Robin Spence designed Modernist house on the Norfolk coast. Amid the big skies and sandy dunes sits a steel-framed structure with glass walls to front and back, and an equally stylish interior (with a design library to die for!). In fact, once installed, it was hard to leave the house – even with the beach just around the corner! This haven of light and space made a refreshing change to the typical seaside flint cottage, and is all set for an appearance in the next issue of Midcentury.”