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  • Surf-style living

    August 16, 2014 | Posted By: | Home |

    Bramley has been featured in The Guardian again, in a great article called “Cool Cottages on the Norfolk Coast“.

    “Not every house designed in the 1970s involves disco balls and wraparound shagpile, as this sleek single storey holiday home proves. Designed by architect Robin Spence in 1971, Bramley’s windows slide back for surf-style living, while the cork-floored kitchen is simple and elegant. This is no hushed museum piece though. The space is very family friendly: there’s Tupperware in the kitchen for picnics on the beach (five minutes’ walk away), Fat Boy beanbags for lounging and spill-forgiving turquoise upholstery on an Ercol sofa.”

    Also featured was the recently completed The Long House, Cockthorpe which was designed by Hopkins Architects for Living Architecture.


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    California Cool

    August 16, 2014 | Posted By: | Home |

    We are very excited that Bramley has been featured in The Sunday Times “Modern Manors” by Laura Golden alongside some of our favourite modern buildings like The Barbican and Dune House.

    Modern Manors by Laura Golden

    “This is not a bungalow, it’s a slice of California cool buried in sleepy Old Hunstanton. Inspired by the Case Study houses of America, the architect Robin Spence built sleek, steel Bramley in 1971.

    Many of the original fixtures are still in place, such as the bronze-anodised aluminium windows, which allow you to peel back the sides of the house. The rest of the vintage fittings have been collected by the owners over the years. Gems include an Ercol sofa and chairs, a G Plan sideboard and a Patrick Caulfield print in the bedroom – and yes, they will notice if you slip the vintage Newton’s Cradle into your holdall.”

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    Bramley in The Guardian

    November 25, 2013 | Posted By: | Home |

    We are really excited that Bramley has been recommended in The Guardian Travel section:

    “For stylish seaside self-catering, check out Bramley – a sleek, 1970s architect-designed bungalow in Old Hunstanton.”

    It’s a great article by Joanne O’Connor called Escape to Norfolk. You can read it here:

    The Guardian: Escape to Norfolk



    May 14, 2012 | Posted By:  | The House | Edit This

    We couldn’t put it better than Midcentury Magazine who said,

    “We’ve just spent a fantastic weekend staying in a Robin Spence designed Modernist house on the Norfolk coast. Amid the big skies and sandy dunes sits a steel-framed structure with glass walls to front and back, and an equally stylish interior (with a design library to die for!). In fact, once installed, it was hard to leave the house – even with the beach just around the corner! This haven of light and space made a refreshing change to the typical seaside flint cottage, and is all set for an appearance in the next issue of Midcentury.”

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